Estate Services is offering a complimentary workshop in many areas that educate retirees on how to protect their assets and secure their retirement. These workshops are extensive, with information that will assist retirees on how to avoid costly mistakes that cause families to lose their financial independence.

Federal and State Laws are changing all the time, and it is important to know how these changes affect you. The government will not notify you of these changes, but they will still affect you whether you know about them or not. Planning Workshop is focused on teaching how to simplify the estate planning process by using safe, proven, and conservative strategies.




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  Estate Preservation and Elder law.

   You can join the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have learned:

  • How new changes affect you.
  • How to use these changes to your benefit.
  • How to protect your estate from needless costs.
  • How to reduce or eliminate paying income tax on your social security income.
  • How to maximize your IRA with these changes.
  • How to maintain control of your estate through your life and after.
  • The difference between a will and a revocable living trust for planning purposes

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